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Fulcrum is a publishing platform currently under development that helps publishers present the full richness of their authors' research outputs in a durable, discoverable, and flexible form.

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By adopting an agile development approach and working in partnership with the Hydra open source community, Fulcrum is responsive to the changing needs of digital scholars.



Built on research university library infrastructure specifically designed to curate digital objects, Fulcrum is a trusted steward committed to preservation and stability.



Interoperable with other publishing tools and integrated into the information supply chain, Fulcrum ensures that content is discovered by readers and impact is tracked.

A rich integration of digital objects with books

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Fulcrum Scholar

Fulcrum Scholar is a hosting environment with intuitive workflows that allow publishers to present collections of content with either public or restricted access. It is built on open source software developed within the Hydra/Fedora framework, widely used by libraries for repository development because of its stability and flexibility.

Fulcrum Services

Fulcrum Services provides a range of consultancy and web-based services for publishers wishing to present their digital scholarship projects through Fulcrum Scholar that extends beyond a basic self-managed implementation. These range from set up of branded collections associated with a particular title to full-service custom publishing solutions for an entire publishing list.

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